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An experience unlike any other!
I came in here to get a betta fish, and he's doing quite well in his new home. There's a good supply of fish things, although clearly it's not as extensive as what you'd find at other chain stores. But I was more than satisfied and had a lovely chat with the owner who told me how he came to own all three of the dogs that wander the store. He was extremely knowledgeable and I could have listened to him talk about animals for hours, but I had to get my fish home!

This is a store that wants you to take your time wandering around exploring--it's not an "in and out" kind of place. I was fascinated by the degus and the pygmy hedgehogs and the cages were really clean with fresh bedding and everything. – Erin E. Somerville, MA

The owner saved me about $250.00 and I couldn't be happier with my pets!
When I went into the Pet Shop, the owner and I discussed hedgehogs for a while and he made many vaild points and convinced me this was not my pet.

Instead, he took the time to introduce me to degus, cute little guys (and girls) from South America. I adopted two degus, and they have been amazing pets for the past two years.

Bottom line, the people who work here know what they're talking about and have great animals and the things they need. – Sara M. Boston, MA

Pet Shop service is better than my other past pet store experiences
I became a fan of the Pet Shop since I was a kid. My mother and I would walk by after parking our car to go to the doctor's office, and I would run ahead as fast as I could, just to have a few sweet seconds of watching the bunnies/guinea pigs hop around in the main window, before she rushed me into the doctor's office.

The animal areas are always clean, and there are different sizes of cages, hamster and rodent accessories, beddings, treats and toys, etc. to compliment any pet you have in mind. – Giselle E. Boston, MA

Where else in Allston can you go chill with macaws?
We all secretly love the smell of birds and aquariums. Go here to get fish, hamsters, or finches or to just go hang in the back room with the huge uncaged birds. – Nick M. Boston, MA

Pet Shop is definitely my place to go for all things pets!
A friend of mine pulled me in the other day, and we ended up spending more than half an hour socializing with the extremely friendly birds that he raised and hand-fed. The sign says not to handle them, so I kept my hands behind my back while in that room until the owner came back through and encouraged me to pick the birds up! For all my future purchases for my fish, and should I ever be able to get a bird, I will go to The Pet Shop. – Jamie G. Somerville, MA

You can find everything here
Whenever I need something or when I am looking for something that a chain pet store doesn’t carry, I know I can find it at the Pet Shop. The owner, Jim is very helpful. – Eric S. Boston, MA

For rescue mission pets and new swimming friends, The Pet Shop came through for me!
One afternoon, tragedy struck and my boyfriend's poor fish Kingsley was no longer with us. Saddened, we did what any normal American couple would do: we sought to procure a replacement after we promptly gave Kingsley a proper burial at sea.

Stopping in the Pet Shop, their bowls and tanks were clean and there was quite a selection of fish and animals. After some debate, we settled on a very colorful fish with big spikey fins. We even got him a hermit crab statue to keep him company. He is one happy little fish. – Leighann F. Astoria Queens, NY

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